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Where can we take you next?

Photo by Vladislav Babienko on Unsplash

We at Michigan Brew Tours are working tirelessly to offer new and wondrous tours to excite and delight our guests. We're currently working out details with over 30(!) breweries, distilleries, meaderies, and craft bars to bring YOU to THEM.

But where would YOU like most to go? What itinerary would most likely have YOU clicking "BOOK NOW" on

  1. A tour of breweries outside of the immediate Detroit metro area, like Witch's Hat Brewing in South Lyon, River's Edge in Milford, or Brewery Becker in Brighton.

  2. A mead/cider/kombucha tour of Ferndale's Schramm's, B. Nektar, and Urbanrest.

  3. A walking tour of the breweries of Ypsilanti, like Ypsi Alehouse, 734 Brewing, and Arbor Corner Bar.

Let us know your thoughts. Your opinion really, really, REALLY does matter to us! Leave your preferences and comments below and we'll get to work!


John - MBT

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