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We're back, Ferndale! We're BACK!!!

Old friends, new tour, GREAT beer and mead!

We here at Michigan Brew Tours are excited to be returning to a couple of our favorite craft beverage spots in Michigan - Urbanrest Brewing Co. and B. Nektar Meadery - as well as adding a new favorite to our tours, Ferndale Project. Some of the state's best beer, mead, cider, and kombucha can be found on our new "The Best of Ferndale Tour" and our guests will able to sample plenty of it. Facility tours and guided tastings hosted by our Certified Cicerone® tour guide make this new shuttle tour a must-do!

Our inaugural "The Best of Ferndale Tour" kicks off on Saturday, April 23 at 2:00 pm at Urbanrest Brewing Co. for pizza and some outstanding beer and kombucha. From there, we'll shuttle you over to B. Nektar Meadery, for some delicious meads and ciders, before finishing the tour up with a yummy pint of craft brew at Ferndale Project, then dropping you back off at Urbanrest.

So, please come join us for our new "The Best of Ferndale Tour" and experience, well, the BEST of Ferndale!


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