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Heat advisory? What heat advisory?

Our tour group laughed in the face of triple-digit temps. The heat never had a chance.

Our tour group...was the best tour group...of all the tour groups.

Yes, it was HOT.

BUT the breweries were cool, the beer was cold, and our group was chill.

As brew tourists go, these folks were tops - enthusiastic, adventurous, AND prompt. We actually got started a few minutes early at River Rouge, where our host served up Coconut Kölsch, Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout, and Mango Explosion Ale. That's a lot of flavor, right there. A little beer terminology talk and some pizza, then on to Royal Oak Brewery, where Chris showed us around the brewery and poured us a couple of gems: their Brut IPA and Red Ale, which paired perfectly with our malt and hop samples. Go figure.

"Six of these things belong of these things just doesn't belong..."

Finally, Jolly Pumpkin made us feel at home for our "name your own" round and the complete destruction of everyone's beer comfort zones. A rousing game of Beer-O followed in which Heather brought home the gold. We were all so proud...

Three great breweries, seven new friends, a whole lotta laughs. Can't think of a much better way to spend a scorching hot Saturday afternoon in July!

And Brooke, please let us know the next time your beer tastes of "horse blanket," "barnyard," or "goat" and we'll let you know if it's supposed to taste that way.

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