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Beerchelor Party!!!

Eleven guys, four breweries, one van, a whole lotta beer.

We at Michigan Brew Tours have been honored to be a part of many important events in our guests' lives: anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, reunions, etc.

But last weekend was a first for us: a bachelor party. And considering how much fun I had (and the guests, too, I hope), I can guarantee it will not be our last.

Batch-elor party

The party started at Eastern Market Brewing Company with cold pints and always-delicious pizza from Supino Pizzeria. It was Market Day down at Eastern Market, so EMBC was hoppin', but they were nice enough to accommodate us and we appreciate it.

Next up, a short walk to our new favorite biergarten, Lagerhaus No. 5. More pints were enjoyed as we were granted V.I.P. access to the brewing facilities for a tour and quick lesson on the brewing process. Big shout out to everybody at Lagerhaus for the hospitality.

Then, we were back in the van for a short drive to Corktown and Batch Brewing Company. The sun was out and the beer was excellent, so much so that some guests kept going back for more! Thanks to Batch for letting us include them once again.

Finally, a quick jaunt across the street for some craft beer and games at Brew Detroit. The MSU game was on the TV and the group quickly found the pool tables and dartboards. The football game ended in regulation, but the party went into overtime, as the bulls-eyes proved elusive and the beer proved delicious! Props to the staff at Brew Detroit for everything.

Brew-chelor party (okay, I'll stop)

I have to admit, I had reservations about taking a bachelor party on a brewery tour. I feared excessive intoxication and wanton destruction of private property, but I've obviously seen too many '80s movies because these guys were a great. Totally into the beer and the breweries and completely open to just having a good time. I'd say "let's do it again soon," but I don't want to jinx the groom!

And a big thanks to my partner Scott for helping with the tour and sharing his knowledge and experience with the group. MBT and our guests are lucky to have resources like Scott. Cheers!

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