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URGENT: Breweries need your help!

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Let me start by saying that the Coronavirus can suck it.

Moving on...

During this time of global crisis, Michigan Brew Tours needs YOU to help out the craft beverage establishments that you love. It's a very scary time for our friends: doors are closed, beer isn't flowing, and servers/brewers/kitchen staff are being let go. The very survival of the small businesses that comprise Michigan's proud and world-renowned craft beverage industry is in question.

"What," you may ask, "can I do to help?" For starters, check the websites and social media of an establishment to see how they are planning on coping. Some are still offering carry-out food, growler fills, and packaged products, some are selling merchandise and mug club memberships, and some have set up crowdfunding sites to help their employees through this crisis.

We at Michigan Brew Tours want to try to do more.

So, we're offering a limited-time series of "Drink 'n' Think" Q & A Sessions at participating establishments starting once the emergency is over and their doors are again open. You get to hang out with me (yay!) and a SPECIAL GUEST from the beverage industry in an informal, laid-back setting (the establishment of your choice), enjoy a couple of drinks and an appetizer to share (all included in the price), and kick back and talk beer/mead/spirits, industry trends, whatever you'd like for an hour or so. Sound fun? All for the low, low price of $20 out the door.

Michigan Brew Tours is providing these sessions at no charge to the establishments. ALL of your money goes to the brewery/meadery/distillery/bar RIGHT NOW to help cover expenses. EVERY PENNY goes to the people who need it WHILE they most need it. AGAIN - the $20 goes to the host establishment IMMEDIATELY following purchase.

Just head over to our Shop and select a venue and pick your date/time and you're good to go. You've reserved a fun night at a great establishment with questionable companionship (I'll do my best) and great drinks in the future that helps a business, a family, a person in serious need RIGHT NOW.

I know it's not much, but it's something. And with your help, maybe we can make a difference in the lives of some folks who really need us to at least TRY right now.

Cheers and stay safe,


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