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Michigan Brew Tours Media Kit


We love beer. We love learning about beer.

We love sharing that knowledge and experience with like-minded folks like you.

Michigan Brew Tours caters to beer lovers who want to responsibly experience

the world-class craft breweries, distilleries, meaderies, and craft bars

of southeastern Michigan, The Great Beer State.

Serving the metropolitan Detroit area since 2019, we focus on the beer:

from kettle to glass, we'll define what makes beer "BEER."

We'll demonstrate proper beer tasting techniques and
provide guided analysis
of beer samples.

Our belief is that through knowledge comes greater enjoyment.

So, come enjoy a beer with us!


Our Story

Michigan Brew Tours owner John Turnage has been beer-curious ever since his college days, scouring the extensive beer menu at Detroit's Union Street Station for anything new and different.

Meet The Team

Michigan Brew Tours owner John Turnage is a Certified Cicerone®,

the internationally acknowledged designation for professionals dedicated to beer. John also is a graduate of the Brewing and Distillation Technology program at Schoolcraft College and is TIPS® On-Premise Certified. John's been an avid homebrewer for over a decade, crafting beers, ciders, and meads to serve to his friends in his backyard pub shed. John has worked in both the brewing and distribution tiers of the beer industry and loves sharing his experiences in the business, expertise in craft beverages, and passion for good beer with beer lovers everywhere.

Our Clients

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