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Two Days in Motown

It's Friday. It's Detroit. It's the cool kids' table.

What a weekend! Two tours over two days and more new friends than you can shake a zwickel at! Friday found us in Detroit for our "Crosstown Detroit" shuttle tour. Always-awesome Supino's pizza and always-tasty EMBC beer started the night, and Detroit-exclusive brews around the fire pit at Founders made for a perfect ending. In between, we sat in Obama's seat while sipping sours at JP, and tasted malt and smelled hops at Batch while discussing the "beer slushy." (My judgement: as a purist, I'm against it in principle, but, as a human being with functioning taste buds, I'm in favor of its deliciously refreshing beeriness.) Had a GREAT group of craft beer fans who had almost as much fun as I did. Venturing from as far away as Canada and Chicago, they were brave, curious, passionate, and fun. And even if you can't get that White Stout until the end of the night, you'll still admit that the evening was <tap, tap> right on the nose. Anyway, Happy Birthday, S.!

Who wouldn't want to spend their birthday weekend at Two James?

Saturday brought the Corktown Craft Cocktail Crawl. Our group was small, but STRONG. As usual, Two James shined under the spotlight of their distillery tour, with special props to tour guide Nicole for continued stellar guidance. The Sugar House gave us the best seats in the house and the most flammable drinks on the menu. Very cool. Did you know that you can measure the sips that your spouse takes from your drink by placing your fingers on his throat? Neither did I. But apparently you can. Hmm. The tour finished up with tots, June Bugs (one guest's "best drink I've ever had"), and a discussion of nitro beers and social injustice (not at the same time) at Bobcat Bonnie's. Also, Happy Birthday, C.!

Can't wait to do it again next weekend!

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