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New Tour Added: Ferndale UN-BEER Tour!

I'm pretty sure that neither of those is beer...

We've got another exciting tour on the calendar and it's coming up fast! Michigan Brew Tours' "UN-BEER Tour: The Mead, Cider, & Kombucha of Ferndale" will take you to Urbanrest Brewing Co. for delicious kombucha (& beer, if you really, REALLY want some), to Schramm's Mead for some award-winning mead, melomel, & metheglin (look it up), and to B. Nektar Meadery for an amazing array of ciders, meads, & cysers! Plus we do the driving so you don't have to! We'll be providing a nice charcuterie board at our first stop to compliment the kombucha (and beer - possibly beer) and, as always, we provide snacks and bottled water in the vehicle. Prepare to delve deep into the tasty world of UN-BEER in Fashionable Ferndale!

And maybe a little beer.

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